Profit Group Beta Program

The two feelings business owners report feeling most are:


1) Stress (usually over money)
2) Loneliness


Fortunately, this doesn't have to be you!

The Profit Group Program is designed to reduce your stress, increase your profits, and connect you with other business owners who are overcoming the same challenges you're facing, so you can all support and celebrate your successes together.

We guarantee that if you follow the program, you'll be receiving regular, predictable, sustainable income from your company within 100 days.

Sound good?


What is profit group?

Profit Group is a small-group program (5-10 people per group) focused on making your business profitable, now. It takes your business - whatever state or stage you're in right now - and makes it into a sustainable, profitable tool that will let you accomplish what you want to accomplish. In other words, Profit Group makes your business work for you, instead of the other way around.

No more wondering if you'll be able to cover payroll (or pay yourself). No more fears that the tax collector is going to seize everything you own and shut you down. No more worrying that you're somehow "doing it wrong." No more hoping for and focusing on finding "that one sale that'll turn everything around!"

This is what will turn it around for you. All you have to do is follow simple directions, show up, participate, and be part of something special.


How Does It WOrk?

It's simple:

  • You sign up and commit to working with the group for the next 12 months.
  • We assign you to a group.
  • You watch some videos.
  • You attend a 2-hour meeting, once a month.
  • You follow the simple steps laid out for you.
  • You attend a 30-minute private coaching call, once a month.
  • You do some simple homework.

Within the first 100 days (3 months), your business pays you a "bonus" -
which you'll continue to receive, like clockwork, every quarter, if you stick with the system.

Then we spend the next 9 months as a group helping you to make that bonus bigger, build your business to the size you want it to be, and help you to celebrate your successes and plan for new ones!



What profit group is not:

  1. A Marketing or Sales course - We're not going to train you to sell anything, or how to use social media. Those are good things to know, but we're not teaching them here.
  2. An MLM or Network Marketing "Opportunity" - You have a business. Let's make that one profitable, OK?
  3. A Networking Organization - Yes, you'll meet some cool people. You may even pass or receive a referral or two, but that's not the point. We're here to make your business profitable, not ask you to give money you don't have to other struggling business owners. (If you want to join a great networking organization, look into BNI.)
  4. A "Magic Bullet" - There's work to do here. It's simple work, and it is effective work, but it is work. If you're looking for someone else to magically make your life wonderful for you, this isn't the place.
  5. A Way to Screw People - We're not going to suggest hiking your prices to unreasonable levels, gouging your clients, short-changing your vendors, or mistreating your staff. This is about sustainable profits, and playing dirty isn't sustainable. No Jerks Allowed.
  6. A Franchise System - Again, you have a business already. You have clients you serve, and products or services you sell. We're not going to change that. We're just going to show you how to take your business, as it is right now, and make it into something that generates cash flow and predictable, sustainable profits, so you can do more of what you love, with less stress.

The Choice is Yours


Keep doing
what you're doing

  • Paying yourself sporadically (if at all)
  • Worrying about (possibly not filing
    - or paying) your taxes
  • Struggling to find enough sales to pay the bills
  • Riding the roller-coaster of
  • Trying desperately to keep people from realizing that you're struggling - alone
  • Running yourself ragged trying to do everything yourself - for no pay

Profit Group

  • Become profitable - Right Now.(100 days or less)
  • Make some great connections with people who understand your struggles and will support you through them
  • Set your business up to automatically have enough money available for taxes (business and personal), your pay, expenses, and - yes - profit
  • Have less stress, more free time, and the ability to make a difference in your world, in the way you want to.
  • Grow - if you want, how you want

what's included


The biggest thing you'll get from the program is profitability, while feeling good about what you're doing, and keeping your soul intact. But for you detail- and process-oriented folks, here's what's included:

  1. One Small-Group Coaching and Masterminding Session per month (1.5-2 hours/month).
  2. One Private, personalized coaching call per month (30 minutes).
  3. A Full Year of access to the Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch video series, with Mike Michalowicz (author of Profit First, the Toilet-Paper Entrepreneur, the Pumpkin Plan, and Clockwork).
  4. Lifetime Membership to the Profit Pod - our private Facebook group for Jos's profitability coaching clients, where you can get questions answered, bounce ideas off of other members, and attend Jos' regular "pop-up" Q&A sessions to get additional coaching.
  5. A $3,000 CAD credit towards a future full coaching program with Jos, should you decide to "upgrade" within 2  years of finishing the program - which means you'll get back your entire investment as a credit for future coaching - it's like getting this program for FREE!  (NOTE: You must complete the program to claim the discount).
  6. The Bonus Pay Guarantee! Follow the instructions and actively participate in the program, and we guarantee that you will be cutting yourself a "bonus cheque" at the end of the first 3 months of the program. If that doesn't happen, and we determine that you've been following the program as instructed, we'll waive your next 3 months' fees to continue in the program, or you can exit the program and we'll give you $500 back. - No hard feelings!
  7. (Beta Group Only!) Beta Pricing - Because this is our first round offering this program in this format, accepted members receive a special discounted price - $250 CAD/month, with no GST! Future rounds of this program will be priced at $497/month plus GST.